Robyn Shepherd,  Positive Reinforcement Based Canine Behavior Consultant

Robyn Shepherd,

Positive Reinforcement Based Canine Behavior Consultant

Robyn Shepherd has been in love with dogs since she was a child.  Her journey began in earnest in 2001 when she adopted 2 young adult female dogs who turned out to be highly reactive with other dogs.  She began to read every dog behavior book and article she could find and consulted with professional trainers.  Utilizing these techniques that were recommended with her dogs she soon began to see changes in the dogs' behavior!  Her excitement and realization of her passion soon lead her into volunteering at the Humane Society, working directly with the staff behaviorist and put her practice into work with the shelter dogs.  As an apprentice and volunteer at the shelter for four years, working directly with all kinds of dogs she was able to practice, teach and succeed teaching basic obedience classes and giving volunteer orientations.  In her fifth year she was hired on as a behavior staff. 

Finding her passion inspired Robyn to start running her own dog training business.  Her mission is to help dogs and humans have better relationships through better communication, and to help prevent dogs from being re-homed or euthanized because of behavioral issues. 

As a highly skilled and ethical independent professional dog trainer Robyn continues to study and learn about advances in behavioral science.  She uses positive reinforcement based training methods in her practice consulting and offering support for dogs and their owners across Western Montana.  Robyn's primary goals are to continue her education and support a positive, fulfilling canine - human relationship by teaching better canine communication skills to humans, and kindly, gently teaching dogs how to behave in ways that are desirable to the humans whom they share their lives.